Monday, October 10, 2011

The Über-Manager: A true story

In a shrinking economy resulting from a huge market crash and a subsequent recession, corporations had to deal with the nuances of keeping businesses profitable and stable at all cost. So you could see massive layoffs, expending cuts, merging departments, etc.
Pro-active Department Directors were holding staff and status meetings periodically to keep track of individual performances and finance in general. So in one of those meetings held by the Director of the Studio with all his managers, one of them proposed to train all the managers by giving them the opportunity to learn the other manager's job description. Making them able to cover any position due to vacation or sickness. He even coined the term as the 'Über-Manager'.

More than one laughed after this genuinely and brain-child-out-of-the-box thought. I'd say it was kind of funny the way it was proposed. To make the story short, a year and a half after that meeting it is not a surprise that within that department all the managers fit the concept of the 'Über-Manager'. 


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Ernie Arias